Gulth Group provides new and updated services and solutions to renew business performance. We develop entire go to market, operational and exclusive strategies to invigorate growth. We can find ways for your business to achieve growth in the areas of sales, marketing, operational automation, resource augmentation and integrated technology solutions. Available to you is our exclusive assessment methodology and the promise - to find brand new ways to get your business on the fastest performance upgrade available. Whether serving owner managed businesses or small to medium enterprise companies, our goal is to overcome business challenges and uncover the potential for growth.



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  Denham Seneviratne

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203 Blackburn Rd
Mount Waverley, 3149 Australia





Gulth Group’s consulting practice is focused on helping organisations enhance their performance by developing plans for improvement. We are action focused and deliberate in our approaches. Our experience and relationships with numerous organisations in addition to our value added partnerships are what we bring to the table in consulting engagements. We deliver a service that provides a holistic strengths-based model, building upon the success already present in your business. Our Consultancy is often the first step in our discovery process. We deliver advisory services incorporating change management assistance, business development, coaching and mentoring, process analysis, technology implementation, strategy development, and operational improvement services to name a few. When you engage with Gulth you will be exposed to our proprietary methodologies and frameworks that we have tailored to identify problems and deliver recommendations.

Sales & Marketing

Our Business Development Service’s purpose is to support companies by developing strategies to attain and retain customers. We provide an authentic approach to nurturing business growth and we help you execute well defined go to market strategies. We understand that it is not easy to enter target markets, and maximize the value of your products or services – however we believe that our approach delivers a distinct advantage by applying a strengths based methodology. At Gulth we recognise that opportunities come in many forms and require variable designs specific for each company, service, and product. Our ability to work towards the fulfilment of best options for your company can incorporate building relationships based on co-branding, product development, advertising, licensing, revenue sharing, or any other type of activity that yields measurable results. Our speciality lies in our innate ability to Identify Opportunities – We have advanced strategies that can be customised to detect prospects that can maximise the value of your products and/or services. We then help line up the prospects, and build a plan to implement and track achievements. All of this is done with agreed goals so that our strategy and your expectations are linked. We have the capability to enhance the value of your plan, and create strong demand, ensuring that deals get closed!


Gulth Groups Restructuring Services are a measured part of our engagement and implementation processes. We have developed our framework to incorporate an understanding of a transformational method we call: P2P – Planning 2 Performance: Past 2 Present. We don’t assume! We’re redefining the way restructuring services are delivered by creating a platform that supports a clear framework to outline the reasons for needing restructuring. A key component of our service is to explore what you are doing and then look for ways to implement the necessary changes that speed up and revolutionise your business. What matters most? Our restructuring engagements take the time to understand your business and planned strategic direction. Our objective is to make available to you the peace of mind that delivers a cast-iron certainty of a result with a direction that leads towards what matters most to you. Outcome focussed! We don’t just deploy a strategy. We join with you in a supportive framework, aligning with every aspect of your change, improvement and development.


Our deployment services are a key managed service for most customers. We will add value to you by managing aspects of a business transformation project. We have a methodology that follows a simple kanban framework. We like to keep the complex simple and using a Kanban process is a great visual system for efficiently tracking and managing work flow processes. We are big believers in frameworks that help drive lean – just in time schedules. We like when everyone needed on ‘board’, can participate and collaborate together for a shared outcome.



Our research and insights have been curated to provide easy access to topics that we focus on for our customers and partners.