How many hours of work are you spending on sorting through unstructured information just to get your job done? Even with all the technology available there is still a feeling we are not efficient enough, right? | “There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently something that should not have been done at all” - Peter Drucker | Here at LAUT, those words echo our core values - real efficiency without pointless processes & bureaucracy. Let's book a discovery session and see how can we help you with Smartsheet.




  Leonard Eldic

  Braće Radić 30/B
Velika, 10410 Croatia

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Braće Radić 30/B
Velika, 10410 Croatia




Specialized Smartsheet training in Croatian language

Smartsheet training sessions in: - General Software use - Project Management - Sheet collaboration - Workflows & automations - Forms - Dashboards for South East European countries (Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro)

Specialized Smartsheet solutions in Croatian language

Industry-specific solution building localized for South East European markets (Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia).

Smartsheet sales & Gamification solutions

Building a specialized gamification environments and solutions based on Smartsheet platform. Partnership with UAE-based firm Gamifier.