For over two decades, we have been supporting our customers with a wide range of products in the automotive, construction, retail and consumer goods, media and entertainment, pharmaceutical and telecommunications industries. We at STAR PUBLISHING are a part of STAR COOPERATION. Our colleagues are specialized on leading and mastering all types of media projects. With the additional power and expertise of other STAR entities, we are planning, managing and realizing all possible projects and business purposes. Our experts advise, analyze, optimize and develop, enabling us to improve your processes – and bring you long-term success. As Smartsheet Aligned Gold Partner we want to help you bringing your projects onto the next level. Get in touch and let's begin.



STAR Publishing GmbH

  Rüdiger Biskoping
  +49 7031 62883540

  Otto-Lilienthal-Straße 5
Böblingen, 71034 Germany

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Otto-Lilienthal-Straße 5
Böblingen, 71034 Germany
Phone: +49 7031 62883540




Current State Analysis

Together with you, we look at your processes, approval workflows and your corresponding IT systems. We identify bottle necks as well as potentials for optimization and automation. The result of the analysis build the base for setting up Smartsheet.

Set-Up & Templating

Individually to your requirements, we connect Smartsheet to the corresponding to your other systems. We set-up your users and bring your recurring processes in templates to Smartsheet, so you can easily reuse them.

Automation & Work-Flows

For higher process reliability, we automise process steps and build up work-flows in the Smartsheet.