Is Inspired is a consultancy made up of highly-skilled, problem solvers. The team is composed of industry veterans and domain specialists. We work closely with client and vendor teams to define requirements clearly, build detailed plans, and execute effectively. All of our implementation projects are delivered using collaborative work management platforms that provide your team with real time visibility into business requirements development, project execution status, risk and issue management, user acceptance testing, and other mission-critical components. We specialize in strategic planning, business process engineering and integrated project management.



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3201 Shoshone Street Unit 405
Denver, Colorado 80211 United States




Strategic Planning

Every business, large or small, benefits from developing and documenting a strategic plan. The strategic plans we develop together are: - Visual - A living map, not just a static document. - Concise - Includes critical information only. No fluff. No filler. - Comprehensive - Covers planning and decision making from all angles. - Executable - Broken down into defined packages that can be worked on and completed.

Business Process Engineering

Process mapping is key to understanding and communicating around business operations. We map business processes in order in increase effectiveness, improve efficiency, and identify areas for improvement. The process management and modeling we do is: - Collaborative - Everyone involved in a process has input on how it is done currently and how it could be improved. - Scalable - Process architecture and modeling needs are different for teams of different sizes.

Integrated Project Management

Teams of any size are at their best when individual members can understand and take ownership of their parts of a project. The projects plans we build are: - Integrated - Work completed 'in platform' makes real time reporting automatic. - Flexible - Intelligently manage trade offs between budget, scope, and schedule. - Risk Based - Realistic risk management practices built into budgets and schedules. - Visually Organized - Information hierarchy helps team members understand their role and responsibilities.