Aptude is an IT consulting firm incorporated in 2000. Our business model has two distinct focuses that blend together to meet our customers’ diverse needs. Whether you need to hire IT staff, fill a temporary development position, or piece together a project team, you can depend on Aptude to deliver results. In November of 2021, Aptude was named 2021 PPM Partner of the Year by Smartsheet. Smartsheet recognized Aptude team lead Mehul Merchant and the entire Aptude team for providing exceptional client value to some of Smartsheet’s largest, most strategic customers. Aptude was also praised for its collaborative working relationship with Smartsheet’s sales team.




  Mehul Merchant

  901 Warrenville Rd #210
Lisle, Illinois 60532 United States

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901 Warrenville Rd #210
Lisle, Illinois 60532 United States
Phone: +17199851908




Custom Integrations

Let us simplify your integrations with a set of best practices, tools, and resources. In addition to helping with complex tasks such as mailbox migration, we can also address your concerns, including network bandwidth and performance, customizations, and integration with other applications.

Implementation Services

Custom fields, reports, and automation to support your unique project processes all have to be built and integrated by someone. After an initial assessment, we’ll make continual improvements to the system based on our testing and your feedback. We want to make sure you have full visibility and feel comfortable with the quality of service our team provides to your end-users.

Solution Building

We have highly qualified data scientists, full-stack developers, and IT technicians for your next big project. With our staff strategically placed worldwide, we offer onsite, offsite, and nearshore agile trained developers to help facilitate all of your digital transformation and application modernization initiatives.

Resource Management

We strive to deliver outstanding, high-quality technical solutions with second-to-none customer service. With the ample knowledge from our staff of technical and business consultants spread across several technologies, we can assist organizations with implementing their customized application development solutions and manage resources efficiently and effectively.

Data Modernization

Whatever form of digital transformation your company needs, there’s a good chance that it will require some work. Aptude can help get your data under control. Once you know your data is relevant, correct and secure, you can trust it to make data-driven decisions that will impact the success of your corporation.

Service Desk

If your queue is too full of incidents and requests, your escalation team likely can’t get to the deeper, root cause issues that would stop the deluge of incidents… nor can they create the robust self-service portals that would increase self-service. We can help get your service team ahead of the curve.



It’s essential to have quality workers who can perform all the development and support tasks you need. As qualified workers are becoming much harder to find, companies widen their search to find experienced tech talent in Mexico, where the talent pool is plentiful. With little competition and talent waiting to be utilized, Mexico has become very attractive to many companies. Also, a team in Mexico City can cover all American time zones more readily than resources across the globe.

With locations in the Midwest, Atlanta, California, Mexico, India, Malaysia, and Singapore, we've built an ever-diverse and capable team ready to support your IT quality and cost containment needs. From ongoing staffing needs to a rich, Agile-driven 24/7 onsite/offshore model, we are here to deliver managed results.

The AptudeFlex service model is not just beneficial for building applications; it is also superior for the run. Eventually, all applications go to support-mode where potential enhancements or repairs are needed the most. With a built-in team of knowledgeable resources, we see high-quality support at a fraction of the cost. We want to take a moment and tell you why our clients are choosing our refined and perfected managed services option, the AptudeFlex Project Success Model.

Lower application support costs, free up internal IT resources for other strategic activities with us. Aptude utilizes our two decades of experience to provide superior ITIL-based application support and delivery. We will give your talented development teams the ability to focus on strategic initiatives while Aptude manages and maintains critical support.