SCOPE is an easy to use, pricing solution (CPQ+). Replacing manual pricing processes using Excel spreadsheets and the historic 'rates and roles model', SCOPE empowers teams to efficiently and effectively price work using a variety of pricing stack options to suit project requirements. SCOPE provides accuracy, time efficiencies, insights and most importantly, one place to manage all of your estimates no matter the status, with easy to use drag and drop and configuration. SCOPE is fit for professional services businesses, that manage roles and resources and is available globally. Partnering with Smartsheet, offers a seamless integration between pricing, planning and resourcing, reducing efforts in proposal creation and planning, integrating with your wider technical ecosystem where needed.



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Insights and reporting

Our scoping insights provides businesses with the ability to start to review and analyse their scoping and pricing activity. Are you regularly producing the same thing, do these vary in price dramatically? Why are users not using a standard taxonomy? SCOPE insights gives the ability to see what is happening and start to review why. Changes in processes and encouraging pricing consistencies can be easily made using SCOPE

Pricing stacks

SCOPE provides multiple pricing models which can be configured to suit how your business works. Whether you price by FTE%, roles and hours, by deliverable or tactic, pricing points or subscription, SCOPEs pricing stack supports how you do business.

Professional Services

Our professional services team works with you to implement SCOPE from requirement gathering through to change management and user training. Essential to engaging your users, our team are experts in their field steering the path for successful change. Smartsheet and Resource Management by Smartsheet integrate seamlessly with SCOPE. SCOPE's professional services team will make sure that the three systems are configured to best suit your business needs.