We were the first Platinum Solutions Partner in Europe and won the Customer Experience Award 2019. We provide trainings, certifications and solution building. Moreover, we also sell and implement all Smartsheet products. Our services are usually delivered on site in your office in German or English.



Agile Management Experts

  Sebastian Paasch

  Berliner Strasse 5 Paasch Consulting GmbH
Berlin, Berlin 13127 Germany

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Berliner Strasse 5 Paasch Consulting GmbH
Berlin, Berlin 13127 Germany
Phone: +491731955575


Zürich, 8001 Switzerland
Phone: +49 173 1955575




Trainings on site in your office

We offer Basic, Advanced and Expert trainings. Moreover we also offer Smartsheet Champions and Control Center trainings. In addition we offer 10,000ft Smartsheet ressource management trainings. A full overview in German can be found here: https://app.smartsheet.com/b/publish?EQBCT=12d98dfc771b49f2a67b014f96209ba3

Solution implementation

Result: All your challenges are solved and your desired process is in Smartsheet implemented How we do it: First we have discussions with all stakeholders, to unlock all wishes and challenges. Secondly, we develop a minimum viable product (MVP) of the Smartsheet solution. Thirdly, we get the feedback of all stakeholders and improve the solution. And last but not least we train everyone in this new solution to ensure user adoption and success.

Product selling

We sell all types of licenses and premium apps as well as 10,000ft. We provide a correct German invoice and you do not need a credit card



This dashboard links to a serious of Smartsheet dashboards which answers typical questions around the tool. For example pros and cons of different licenses and their prices or which options you have to automate your project management office. You will have access to the overall dashboard, but you need to request to the more specific ones.