DDB’s foundation is based on over 15 years of experience using the LEAN manufacturing system in hi-tech environments. As a Solutions Developer, People Leader and Change Enthusiast, DDB blends their varied business-technical backgrounds to lead best in class business improvement initiatives. DDB has a blended experience crossing the verticals of Manufacturing, Field Services, Aerospace and Renewable Energy. Over the past decade, we have had the opportunity to view the business process from end to end. With that perspective in hand, we can help you optimize your workflow, digitize your process and provide crystal clear business clarity through real time insight and analytics.




  Gurmeet Mangat

  46 James Arnott Crescent
Orangeville, Ontario L9W Canada

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46 James Arnott Crescent
Orangeville, Ontario L9W Canada




Digital Transformation

Our version of digital transformation is simple. We provide business clarity in real time through effective digital strategies. From electronic transformation (paper to digital) to digital transformation (data to insight) DDB will eliminate manual effort and excessive process touch points while increasing the capacity to grow your people and business.

Collaborative Work Management (CWM)

The future of business success relies on how transparent and accessible information is to your team. The "new worker" environment model is a cross functional one demanding the need to communicate freely and swiftly. Adding a CWM to your business ecosystem will provide the business a structure of sustainability. DDB can help establish, create and implement the Smartsheet solution thats right for you!

LEAN Systems

From current state to future state, DDB will support your digital transformation process with the application of LEAN thinking. With a laser focus on waste elimination and a growth oriented target, we build a sustainable future for your business and people. By applying the LEAN Manufacturing tool set, we strive to eliminate the 8 wastes of LEAN, standardize your process flow and allow you to capture market share.

Asset Management

With operational cost starting to exceed the capital investment, asset management strategies need to change. DDB has experience in managing +100MM in energy assets with Smartsheet. Using field data as the primary source and Smartsheet as the solution you can gain real time insights into your operation and greatly reduce your operational cost.



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